Ariane nos ha enviado un correo con sus objetivos para el 2009. En ella podemos encontrar una lista de nuevos productos, actualizaciones además de un nuevo sistema de activación de su software. Pulse sobre Leer el resto de esta entrada para leer [en inglés] el correo.

Making a Difference – Toward 2009

Things are changing at Ariane. A range of brand new products and new support policies is being introduced. We hope to make the Ariane experience a lot easier and more welcoming. My name is India Knight and I will be leading the change and looking into the way we present Ariane as well as the way we register products (issues such as reactivating loyal users for free are already up and running). We have made the process of using and registering the product a lot easier as many people have been finding out with the new and full featured, Boeing 737-800 X2.

Please take the time to read through this newsletter and press any links for free updates for FS9 or FSX products, or links to review new products. I will be heading up a new support team of people, people dedicated to do whatever they can in the months ahead to help you with your products and to offering updates as well as support you need for FSX (issues like PC tips for Vista Flight and white papers on how to use some of the features will be some of the free items we aim to offer).

If your desire is to continue flying FS9 into 2009, we will also be supporting FS9 with new products as well as the accompanying support too.

We are developing a new loyal user gold card scheme for the new year which we aim to be made available to everyone along with the promise of a gift for new FSX product purchases this Christmas and a new email center almost ready for launch will change the way we make contact and keep you informed.

Our aim is to tailor more toward customer satisfaction as well as to garner new ideas from pilots to help make the whole experience of simulation a more satisfying and rewarding one.

Assuring you of our best attention at all times. I hope to meet you on our forum to hear your ideas as well as your views.

Thank you for your support. I wish you a good season to come.

India Knight

Support and Customer Liaison

… and now here is the news … >>>>>>>>>>>

NEW FSX. 4 Boeing 737-800 X2 Aircraft. One Pack. Limited Offer.

The new Boeing 737-800 Series not only offers 4 new FSX aircraft in one package but also offers an increase in FPS in FSX. A new way of designing the models allows an increase of FPS like never before. With a new and more complex FMC (over 40 featured systems with HOLD, EDITS, INSERTS etc,.) and a full-featured FMS this aircraft is for all professional operators. It comes with all the tools required to fly live virtual missions live online as well as offline. The package also features accurate galley management (e.g.: its two phase, locking doors with sound; operable airstairs with sounds, new type, multiple lighting fx and a set of flight attendant sound announcements (with the option to play music while taxiing and taking off) and a new AI that recognises lighting levels with languages being prepared for Dutch, German, French, Spanish and Italian as you command the phases from take off to landing). The Base Pack features two optional, engine sound packages, a complete Technical Package that covers all four aircraft and a new livery system that allows easy installation with no file copying required. Over 1500 logic and system assignments make every switch, button, knob and dial, manage the AI systems they run making the exact sounds the real switches and systems make (turn on the left air cond. fan and the left fans sounds appear on the left). The Boeing 737-800 X2 is the most detailed and most ambitious simulation of a Boeing 737 to date with over 2,000 assignments and code calls on an ever growing, complex-running project. X2 is the standard more real airline pilots are using to brief and fly noncurrent procedures than any other in the world.

New Boeing 737-800 X2 for Microsoft FSX.

Boeing 737-800 X2. The aircraft the professionals use for mission critical tasking.


10 New Airlines. One Pack. One low price. One Unique Formula.
Due to the popularity of airline packs we are continuing to offer them at a fixed price for packs of 7 or more while this concept is supported. To compliment the release of the new Boeing 737-800 X2, an international airline package containing a host of customers has been released. The Boeing 737-800 X2 Airline Expansion Pack includes a range of airlines in accurate configurations with correct engine fitments. The Boeing 737-800 X2 Series aircraft also have a unique feature. Different layouts with various flight deck colour schemes featuring everything from tartan seat covers to aboriginal themed galley entrances are also included.

Professional Airline Expansion Packs for Boeing 737-800 X2.

Boeing 737-800 X2 Airline Expansion Pack for Microsoft FSX.


New version Boeing 737-900 ER X2 most popular product ever.

The new release of the Boeing 737-900 ER for FSX proved to be the most popular of all of our products. Proving that good quality and content are the key to successful flying, the FSX Native version (X2) offers a host of new technologies (a feature of X2 Series is the ability to inject extra FPS from 12-33 upwards). Designed from the ground up, the 900 ER X2 has a host of new items from Engine Sounds, a new Synchresis II Flight Deck Sound & Systems engine that drives the flight deck and the audio panel in the galley the same as the 800 X2. Like its cousin, 900 ER X2 works in Vista (all versions) and Xp (all) and has also been optimised for Vista 64 with a series of HD work and Hi-Level Sound advancements for.

Boeing 737-900 ER X2 for Microsoft FSX.

Boeing 737-800 X2. The aircraft the professionals use for mission critical tasking.


New Airlines. New Studio. Max Quality. Max Range.
Following the agreement with a new, quality artist studios, Ariane is about to announce the launch of a brand new range of airlines with the ambitious project aiming to cover every aircraft flying in the world. More airlines for the Boeing 737-Series FS9 & FSX Series Products means more coverage than ever before. Each one of the Boeing 737 packs will be updated and released as special edition or fleet sets for both FSX and FS9. Some will be updated with HD enhancements at levels of detail never before seen on our work. The acccurately-depicted and highly finished, HD AES will also expand base packs with new enhancement modules (and even change the interior of each single aircraft) to match those flying today and as they once flew yesterday. Modules will even allow crews to adjust inset eyebrow windows, winglets or non-winglets and even the power output of engines across the CMI ranges. Get ready for a revolution in airline expansions.

Fleet and Flight Ops Series Professional Airline Expansion Packs.

Boeing 737 Airline Expansion Pack for Microsoft FSX.


Free Synchresis CFG Update released for new Boeing 737-800 X2.
A small (free) update provides full functionality for sounds to be correctly assigned to even more and over 1500+ systems and events on the flight deck and galley areas for the Boeing 737-800 X2 version for FSX. The update now also provides for full, operational sound events and logic control for every switch, button, system and event on both the flight deck and the galley area port and starboard with new, stereo processing added for effect.

Boeing 737-800 X2 users can download the new update for free from here:


Boeing Operations Manuals for Boeing 737 Series. Ring Bound Edition.

A SPECIAL EDITION TWO BINDER BOEING OPERATIONS MANUAL SET containing the complete set of Flight Operations Manual, Training Manual, Flight Reference Manual and new Data and Charts has been re-released. These Special Edition, high quality Boeing 737 Flight Operations Binders include every section working from the real Boeing 737 Flight Operations Manuals Also included are the Boeing 737 Training and the Boeing 737 Flight Reference Manuals pilots have come to know. With extra Charts and Data available in one specially designed set and with extras we have never published before, these binders have been carefully created in soft and supple covers with a grain finish that will compliment the shelves of any training or professional ‘crew lounge’. Each of the 2 binders in this one set has also been carefully designed to accommodate extra information such as flip-out charts and data as and when these new sections are designed and released. Postage is included.

Boeing Operations Manuals for Boeing 737 Series. Ring Bound Edition.


Free Boeing 737-900 ER X2 Service Pack. SP2

Revision Date : October 15th 2008. The purpose of Service Pack SP2 was to address issues with the FMC HOLD function on the Boeing 737-900 ER X2 product and also to add further fixes and corrections to the performance, flight, function and data for the release. Did you download your update? Get it by clicking on the link.

Boeing 737-900 ER X2 users can download the new update for free from here:


Thank you for your support.

Seasons Greetings.

Ariane – The Leading Edge in Boeing 737 Simulation

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